About Me and My Blog

My name is Debbie.  I married my soulmate in July 2011 and we live in Fife in Scotland with my 7-year-old daughter, Lizzie and our newborn daughter, Molly.  My 5-year-old stepson joins us at the weekends.  I try to fit all my hobbies in - I enjoy cooking and baking, crafty things like quilting and cross stitch, spending time with my family and friends and being a mum and wife!  I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2009 and as such, all my cooking and recipes are gluten-free!  But don't let that put you off...

I started my blog in October 2011 in order to connect with like-minded people on a range of topics such as money-saving, frugal living, supermarket bargains, homemaking, family life, cooking and baking and gluten-free living.  I enjoy following other blogs on similar subjects, and have picked up lots of great tips and ideas along the way!

In July 2012 our lives were thrown upside down when our beautiful daughter Daisy died, aged just one day old. My blog reflected the pain and sadness as we waded our way through a sea of grief.  We decided to have another baby and after a very different pregnancy journey, Molly was born in June 2013.

I find real inspiration from real people on my travels, and I hope I can give some back through my own experiences.  I love to connect with others and I really appreciate all your comments and messages.  I'll try to reply as much as I can!

Thanks for stopping by!

Best Wishes