Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mums and Toddlers

Today my littlest Miss and I headed out to try a local Mum and Toddler group.  Now that she's moving around and generally showing much more interest in what's going on round about her, I'm keen to find new experiences for her to explore and take in.

We met a friend of mine there, who has very recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy. I was somewhat distracted by all the newborn loveliness, but I still had time to get a feel for the toddler group.  The hall was clean and there was a great variety of toys available for the children to play with. The older children had a snack, and the mums had a cuppa.  Everyone seemed warm and welcoming and there was a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere - and all the children were having fun.

Molly spent the first hour playing intently with the same car and babbling to anyone that paid her attention. Then she promptly fell sound asleep in my arms - socialising is exhausting!

We enjoyed ourselves and will definitely be returning next Thursday to get to know the group better!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

It's all Go!

This week, Molly refined her rolling-around-the-floor technique and is officially mobile! She uses a combination of press ups, leg dragging and army crawling, with some rollovers thrown in for good measure - and manages to get herself wherever she wants to go, and fairly quickly too!

Time to "baby-proof" the house - stair gates, socket covers, locks for cupboard doors.... Nowhere is safe from her inquisitive nature!

Now that Molly can follow me into the kitchen (and she loves sliding about on the shiny floor) I find she's always by my side, always at my feet, watching and following my every move! I love having my wee companion with me - she laughs at my silly noises, delights in my dodgy dance moves and beams from ear to ear when she catches my eye, peeking her head proudly round the kitchen door!

She's almost 8 months old now, and learning new things every day! It's fabulous to watch her process things and work them out for herself - you can almost hear the penny dropping as she works out how to start the music going on a toy, or how to tip the toy box over... Every day is a joy!